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Numerical control training

Numerical control training

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Numerical control technology is also called computer numerical control technology, it is the use of computers to achieve digital program control technology。Harbin Technical SchoolThis technology uses the computer to perform the operation sequence logic control function of the device's motion trajectory and peripherals according to the control program stored in advance。

Due to the use of computers to replace the original numerical control device composed of hardware logic circuit,The realization of various control functions such as storage, processing, calculation and logic judgment of input operation instructions,All can be done by computer software,The micro instructions generated by the processing are transmitted to the servo drive device to drive the motor or the hydraulic actuator to drive the equipment。

Numerical control major is to cultivate the basic theory and basic knowledge of numerical control technology and application, and can engage in production, management, product marketing, equipment maintenance and other work needs of application-oriented senior technical talents。

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