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Students who regret working, it is time to return to school

2023-10-17 16:41:45

The high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination are two watershed, which determine the life trajectory of most people。Some got into better schools;Some fail exams and have to choose other paths;Some students also yearn for society and take the initiative to start working life。

Harbin Technical School

When you enter the society, life will not give you everything you want。Some people, in the years of working, because there is no harvest, no progress, no affirmation, and feel that their face is hateful, regret the original laziness, and even hope that heaven will fall。Unfortunately, "waiting" is a terrible word, and the good life will not come unbidden。

Harbin Technical School

When you do not have a skill, confused to work for a few years, maybe you suddenly want to go back to school to improve yourself......

There are two conclusions about learning: it is never too late to learn, and learning is always useful。Learning more will open your eyes to the unknown world. Having a skill will make you more confident. It will give you something to look forward to every day。Go outside more, learn more useful technology, our life may be more exciting。

Harbin Technical School

Heilongjiang Applied Technology School offers a variety of majors, which is very suitable for students who want to "recharge the furnace" to learn a skill。The school takes the market as the orientation and cultivates the practical composite skill talents that the society urgently needs。

Harbin Technical School

Harbin Technical SchoolWith perfect teaching equipment and rich practical courses, students can master solid technology, learn practical technology that is in line with society, and have more competitive advantages in employment in the future。

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