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What does aviation training include

2023-05-27 16:17:28

Aviation trainingIt refers to the process of training students to become qualified pilots, maintenance personnel, flight attendants and other related personnel through lectures, practices and simulations。Harbin Aviation Training SchoolThe rich and systematic content of aviation training determines the training degree and flight safety of teachers and students. The following is the main learning content of aviation training。

1. Principles and mechanisms of flight

Flight theory and flight control are the foundation of aviation training。Students must be familiar with the physical principles of gravity, lift, thrust, etc., and understand the various parts of the aircraft, such as wings, engines, tail rudder, etc。Learning flight principles has an important impact on aircraft control, flight planning, flight management and so on。

2. Aeronautical meteorology

In flight, pilots have to adapt quickly when they encounter bad weather。Aviation meteorology is therefore one of the important subjects in aviation training, students learn meteorological knowledge in order to be able to deal with all kinds of weather and possible problems, respond to emergency situations, and remain calm in situations of insufficient oxygen, extreme temperatures, etc。

3. Aviation navigation and communications

Pilots must understand and master navigation and communication skills when flying an aircraft。Students studying navigation must be able to fly using radar and other technical navigation equipment, and be able to accurately calculate the flight time and distance of the flight。In addition, learning aviation communication skills is essential to effectively communicate with ground controllers, other pilots, air traffic control agencies and mission agencies。

Harbin Aviation Training School

4. Flight regulations and safety

The main purpose of flying is to ensure flight safety。Therefore, students must understand and comply with various aviation regulations and safety procedures, pay attention to the safety maintenance of aircraft, understand accident prevention knowledge, and learn some basic safety measures and decision-making skills。They must also understand common unsafe behaviors in flight, such as flight fatigue, medication and other issues, and develop relevant strategies and measures to ensure flight safety。

5. Flight management and service

Pilots must strive to meet the following requirements in completing their missions: quality, speed and service。This includes airport ground handling services, on-board equipment maintenance, aviation equipment and material control。The Aviation Services and Management course provides the fundamentals to help students find a job in the aviation services industry and alerts students to important industry changes。

In short, the content of aviation training is rich and systematic, including flight principles and institutions, aviation meteorology, aviation navigation and communications, flight regulations and safety, and flight management and service。The intensity and level of a student's training determines their chances and ability to succeed in the aviation industry in the future。

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