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【太阳集团集团】 Heilongjiang Applied Technical School auto repair major

2023-02-18 08:35:05

Auto repair professional employment prospects

1, what is the auto repair professional?

Harbin Technical SchoolCar maintenance is to meet the needs of social development, with the development of Chinese society, the increase in the number of cars, the lack of car maintenance personnel, the need for a group of professional, high quality maintenance personnel。As one of the key points of the skills shortage training project implemented by the Ministry of Education, the national demand for talents is more than 300,000。This major is suitable for the development of modern automobile industry,Master the basic knowledge of automobile structure and principle, automobile electrical equipment, automobile detection equipment, automobile fault diagnosis and other aspects,Proficient in the use of various automotive testing equipment and vehicle testing process,Have a high level of operational skills and technical guidance technician in automotive testing,With a certain advanced knowledge and skills of auto repair business management, the composite industry gold collar。

2. What are the job prospects of your major?

China's car ownership will exceed 200 million,The automobile manufacturing and maintenance industry is developing rapidly,However, in China's auto repair industry, there are urgent shortage of auto repair personnel, the level of uneven problems,Truly have a professional level, can diagnose the ability of high-quality auto repair personnel is less than one-fifth of the overall practitioners,One thing is for sure,There will also be a lot of auto-related jobs in the next few years,Good job!

3. Curriculum

The auto repair major of Heilongjiang Applied Technical School introduces the German "dual system" teaching model, and the teachers selected by the enterprise "have certain professional theoretical knowledge and have one or more professional skills" teach the class,They take on teaching tasks as well as guidance and service,They are both able to teach theoretical knowledge,And can guide the practical training course "double teacher" teachers,Have the ability to implement "integrated teaching",Can handle classroom teaching,It can also teach students vocational skills and techniques。Teaching not only pays attention to "professional theoretical knowledge, but also pay attention to professional skills and skills", to "adapt to the actual needs of the post, cultivate qualified talents" as its responsibility, teaching style is rigorous, examination style is correct。

Professional courses: "Automobile Electrician", "Automobile Electric Spray", "Automobile Mechanical Repair", "Automobile repair Business Management", "Automobile Beauty", "Automobile Maintenance and Troubleshooting"

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Founded in 1993, Heilongjiang Applied Technology School is a comprehensive full-time secondary professional school approved by the Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education and registered by the Ministry of Education (National Enrollment code 6865).。The school has formed distinct characteristics over the years, and currently offers new energy vehicle maintenance,Electronic commerce, bilingual kindergarten teacher, architectural decoration, graphic design, CNC machining, high-speed rail crew, 4G5G communication technology, animation, computer network and other more than 20 popular majors。

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