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What are the specific contents of aviation training

2022-07-17 16:34:27

Although the training time and cost of major domestic airlines are different, it is undeniable that the orientation training of airlines is to further improve the comprehensive quality of new flight attendants and better serve passengers。So, what are the contents of flight attendant induction training?Harbin Aviation Training SchoolTo introduce you to relevant knowledge:

Quality training

Eloquence and speech

Body type, dance

Posture, bodybuilding training

Psychology and mental health


Diet and nutrition

Public relations course

Common sense of emergency rescue

Skill training

Memory training


Crew etiquette

Outward bound

Contemporary video class

Professional training

Aviation catering service specification

General layout of aircraft cabin

Aircraft public address system and use

Aircraft emergency equipment emergency evacuation procedures

Harbin Aviation Training School

The quality training of flight attendants includes psychological quality, professional posture, password and gesture, language training and so on。The training is designed to show passengers that flight attendants are active, healthy and professional。

Teamwork, including cabin cooperation between flight attendants and flight attendants, cooperation between flight attendants and safety officers, crew resource management, etc。The training is aimed at making the cabin service more integrated and closer cooperation between cabin and security。

Cabin service includes kitchen service, in-flight service skills, customer service process, general cabin service, cabin service procedures, cabin service theory, domestic route theory, broadcast, flight four stages, etc。The training is designed to improve the overall service quality of flight attendants。

Cabin safety includes cabin safety management, cabin safety rules, cabin pressure relief, active crisis management, etc。The purpose of this training is to ensure the safety factor of the cabin and enhance the safety awareness of passengers from the perspective of flight attendants。

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