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Interview flight attendant makeup share

2022-07-17 16:23:42

The nature of the work of flight attendants is completely different from that of ordinary enterprise employees, whose service object is people rather than things。As a result, the requirements for flight attendants are higher。If flight attendants want to truly assume the responsibility of service work and achieve quality service, they must meet the occupational requirements of flight attendant work。A qualified flight attendant must have good cultural accomplishment and social knowledge, with excellent service skills and techniques, in order to do a good job in service。

Flight attendant service has a very feasible set of professional requirements, service requirements can be standardized, standardized, programmed, institutionalized。In order to meet the requirements of professional norms, flight attendants should have a strong sense of service and service awareness, and be able to take the initiative, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, serious responsibility, and hard work to serve passengers。

For a flight attendant, it should be very clear what kind of image the flight attendant profession needs to appear。People who usually look clean, sharp, kind, and confident are always the type most flight attendant examiners prefer。Therefore, in addition to conversation, etiquette and clothing appearance, give yourself a clean, generous and fresh light makeup, absolutely has a bonus role, and heavy ink is a big taboo。

Harbin Aviation Training SchoolTo introduce you to the relevant requirements of flight attendant makeup:

Understand their own skin, master skin cleaning, skin care methods and characteristics, master the flight attendant professional makeup steps and makeup skills。

Order of makeup:

The order of flight attendant makeup is facial base makeup, eyebrows, eyes, lips, cheeks。

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Face base makeup:

Foundation generally has three kinds of liquid foundation, powder and loose powder。Foundation is the basis of makeup, applied on the face appears gentle and natural, is a better choice for daily makeup。Used to adjust skin tone, improve facial texture, cover defects, reflect the texture。The larger the value of the foundation, the darker the color, the color difference between the use and the skin color should not be too large, and the foundation close to the skin color should be selected。

How to use foundation:

Use a sponge or sponge to evenly pat the foundation all over your face。The powder base color should be consistent with its own neck, and the face, ear root and neck should be connected and soft。Don't apply your foundation too thick。Choose the setting powder that suits you, and use a powder puff to puff up from the nose with more sebum secretion。Then slap the forehead, cheeks, and eye sockets。

Principles of eyebrow shape:

Brow light, brow waist, brow peak heavy, brow tail heavy。Flight attendant eyebrows are divided into four simple types, standard eyebrow, unibrow, curved eyebrow and raised eyebrow。

Standard brow: The brow is at the same level as the brow end, and the brow peak is at 2/3 of the entire eyebrow。

Unibrow: The brow, brow crest and brow tail are on the same level。

Curved eyebrow: the brow to the brow peak, the brow peak to the brow end are in an arc shape。

Raised eyebrows: The eyebrows end is higher than the brow。

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