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How much do you know about the basic vocational skills of flight attendants

2022-07-17 16:20:02

Flight attendant is not only a career that only talks about the appearance level, but also has the requirements for solid aviation basic knowledge, skilled operation skills, and elegant and standardized etiquette。Harbin Aviation Training SchoolTake you through the relevant knowledge。

First, bowing etiquette

1 degree bow (15°)

Similar to a nod, it is suitable for greeting and greeting in many situations

Second bow (30°)

It is suitable for greeting important guests, elders, etc

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Three degrees bow (45°)

Used especially sincerely to thank or apologize。

Two, handshake etiquette

Handshake order master, elders, superiors, women take the initiative to extend their hands, guests, juniors, subordinates, men and then greet and shake hands。

Between the host and the guest, the host should take the initiative to extend his hand;Between the elder and the younger generation, the elder hand, the younger generation can reach out;Grasp between the upper and lower levels, the upper hand, the lower can grasp;Between men and women, the woman extends her hand, the man can reach out to shake。

3. Guide gesture etiquette

Front pendulum: the five fingers are together, the palm is straight, lifted from the bottom to the side of the body, with the shoulder joint as the axis, the arm is slightly bent, and then the height of the waist is swung from the front to the right side, and the position of the body is stopped when it is 5 centimeters away from the body and does not exceed the torso。

Straight arm type: the arm swings laterally, the fingertips point forward, and the arm is raised to shoulder height, which is suitable for indicating where the item is。

Curved arm type: the arm is bent, swinging from the body side to the body front, the arm height is below the chest, suitable for inviting people into the door。

Oblique arm type: arm from up to down oblique swing, suitable for people to sit。When guests are seated, hand gestures should be tilted downwards。First of all, pull the chair back with both hands, and then lift the arm of one hand from the front, and then take the elbow joint as the axis, and swing the forearm from the top to the bottom, so that the arm downward into a diagonal line, and smile and nod to the guest。

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