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Things You should know about interviewing a flight attendant

2022-07-17 16:16:25

Nowadays, when traveling long distances, most people will choose to fly, and in this process, the indispensable role is the stewardess, whose duty is to ensure the safety and comfort of tourists on the journey。

Of course, it is worth saying that the stewardess has won the favor of many people by virtue of her beautiful face and elegant temperament, which also makes many girls want to be a stewardess。今天Harbin Aviation Training SchoolHere are some things you need to know about a flight attendant interview。

1. Height and appearance requirements for flight attendants

Each airline has its own different requirements, the interview must pay attention to the recruitment requirements of the official website of each airline, and the height is about 163-175。Try not to just card height interview oh, the general airline will press 1-2cm height。In addition, tattoos must not be allowed, the physical examination will not pass。

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2, about the flight attendant interview makeup requirements

Interview in accordance with the notice of formal dress to interview, girls generally white shirt, black skirt, 3cm high heels;Boys can wear normal suits。Good hair color is natural black or dark brown。Do not have false eyelashes, avoid heavy makeup, lipstick color choose bright red can not go wrong。Formal, generous, natural, decent is better。

3. Educational requirements for flight attendants

Normally, college can be oh, we pay attention to the recruitment requirements of the recruitment website, there will be slightly different, such as veterans will have relaxed requirements for education。

It is important to ensure the safety of all passengers before providing cabin service,So small that each passenger's safety belt is not fastened,How to better help each passenger safely evacuate the plane in an emergency,As well as the emergency treatment of passengers' sudden illness and so on are the work categories of flight attendants ~ so the flight attendants need to be proficient in reciting and memorizing things is very much!

Flight attendants are also the front-line contact with passengers, so their every move represents the airline, image is crucial。Because stewardesses often travel around the world in their work, coupled with the nature of their work, and the salary that is higher than the general industry, it has become a career that many young people pursue。

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