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Airline training flight attendant interview precautions

2022-07-17 16:07:39

With the rapid development of foreign economic and cultural exchanges and tourism, civil aviation passenger and cargo transport and tourism service industry chain has become one of the active industry groups that absorb more labor and professionals。China's air transport industry has become the market of the world's aviation industry, and foreign major airlines have entered China to expand their business, and the development prospect of China's aviation industry is very broad。

According to the International Air Transport Association forecast, China will need 2,400 new aircraft in the next 20 years, according to the current level of civil aviation in China (man-machine ratio 200:1) calculation, the need to increase 480,000 employees。The gap of nearly 500,000 people means that in the future for a long time, China's aviation talent will be in shortage。At the same time, in recent years, with the further opening of the domestic civil aviation market, major foreign airlines, private airlines and aviation service enterprises derived from the civil aviation industry have a large number of talent needs。

下面Harbin Aviation Training SchoolWhat are the details you need to pay attention to during the interview of flight attendants?

1.Flight attendant interview details and emergency stress relief tips

Make proper eye contact with the examiner when talking to give the examiner a sincere and serious impression。Do not nod too quickly, or you will give the impression that you are impatient and want to interrupt。Don't look around when you talk. It smells like a lack of sincerity。

Harbin Aviation Training School

2.Wear high heels with no LACES at the ankles

Players should wear high-heeled shoes during professional visual inspection, and there should be no LACES or embellishments on the ankles and instep。This is so that the judges can more visually check whether the contestants have scars on their bare parts and whether their ankle joints are deformed。

3.Flight attendant Contest judge: Sitting posture eyes are important

Professional interview judges, said in an interview with reporters, "When a contestant speaks, the judges often pay attention not to her, but to what the other contestants are doing?。Whether the contestant pays attention to listening, whether the body language is appropriate, such as whether the sitting posture is leaning forward, whether the interaction and feedback with others in time, and the discussion content of the whole group are recorded and supplemented, which are within the scope of the judges' investigation。”

4.Elite flight attendants share: cordial and sincere is particularly important

Tips: The judges choose staff, colleagues, not actors, so cordial and sincere is particularly important, avoid affectation and acting。

5.Flight attendant recruitment share: Interview should how to make up

Flight attendants may wish to keep their natural colors and light makeup when applying。Makeup color should be based on light colors, those red, green, blue and other color series, too eye-catching, an accidentally caused by the negative image of the vulgar。

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